15’th GAMM-IMACS International Symposium on
Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic and
Verified Numerical Computations
A birds' eye view of Lavrentiev avenue and Computing Center
with Institute of computational technologies, Novosibirsk

Social events

On Monday, September 24, the banquet "Welcome Party" is organized for participants of SCAN'2012, starting at 19-00.

The second half of the day September 26 (Wednesday) will be devoted to two consequent tours. These tours are free for all registered participants of SCAN'2012.

The first tour starts at 14-30. Participants have two options:

1)  a tour to the Central Siberian Geological Museum, and

2)  a tour to the Museum of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography.

The Central Siberian Geological Museum was founded in 1958. Its exposition presents the state-of-the-art knowledge about geological structure of of the northern part of Asia (the territory of Russia to the east of the Urals). Two exhibition halls have more than 800 mineral specimens as well as more than 300 pieces of fossil flora and fauna.

The Museum of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences is famous for its ethnographic collection that describes the life of peoples of Siberia from the ancient times to our days. In particular, the museum houses an illustrious mummy of the "Altai princess", one of the most important archeological discoveries of the late XX century. In the entrance hall of Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, there is a collection of skeletons of prehistoric animals, where one can see a mammoth, a rhinoceros, a bison, and a Trogontherium elephant.

We recommend the participants of SCAN'2012 to decide beforehand which one of these two museums they wish to attend, and to inform the Organizing Committee about their decision as soon as possible, so that we can properly plan these events.

After the museum tour, SCAN participants will have the opportunity to have another exciting tour "Evening Novosibirsk", a sightseeing bus tour of the city that should give a general impression about Novosibirsk, the biggest city of the Asian part of Russia, the largest scientific, cultural, industrial and political center, "the capital of Siberia". We will visit the historical center of Novosibirsk, Lenin square, walk around the Opera and Ballet Theater ("Siberian Coliseum"), the Alexander Nevsky cathedral, look at the famous railroad station.

The "Evening Novosibirsk" tour starts at 17-00.

During the second (city) tour, the buses will stop at a city restaurant where we will be able to have dinner (it is not included in the registration fee).

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