15’th GAMM-IMACS International Symposium on
Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic and
Verified Numerical Computations
A birds' eye view of Lavrentiev avenue and Computing Center
with Institute of computational technologies, Novosibirsk

Travel information

Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, where the symposium SCAN'2012 will be held, is situated at the southern outskirts of Novosibirsk, which is quite an extensive megapolis. Akademgorodok and Tolmachevo airport are 40 kms away from each other and, unfortunately, there are not direct public transportation between them. Buses and fixed route taxis go from Tolmachevo to the main railway station of Novosibirsk and coach station, where you can take the public transport to Akademgorodok.

Yet another convenient, although more expensive, way to reach Akademgorodok from Tolmachevo airport is to take a taxi. The price of the trip ordered in a taxi company varies in the interval [600, 900] RUB depending on the carrier. Besides, Akademgorodok taxi companies usually have prices that are slightly lower than those "from the city", not to say about the taxis you may engage in the airport or "from the plane".

The organizing committee will order a taxi from Akademgorodok to meet you in Tolmachevo airport, if you point out the exact date and time of your arrival as well as the flight number. You will pay for the taxi by yourself after you come to Akademgorodok.

If you are interested in the above service, please tell the organizing committee the exact data about your arrival to Tolmachevo airport. To eliminate possible confusions, it would be ideal for us to have an electronic copy of your flight ticket.

If, after landing of the aircraft, you need additional time for receiving your baggage, inform us about that so as we could order the taxi for a later time and you would not have to pay for its standing idle.


How you can get to hotel “Zolotaya dolina”?

The address of the hotel “Zolotaya dolina”: Novosibirsk, Iliicha Str., 10

There are two variants want to get to the hotel "Zolotaya dolina :

  1. First go from the airport Tolmachevo by the bus 111э or fixed route taxi 1122 to the Glavny Vokzal (Central Railway Station) and there is transfer to the bus 1209 or the fixed route taxi 1015, on which you need to go to the Cvetnoy Proezd (final bus-stop).
  2. First go from the airport by the bus 122 or fixed route taxi 1111 to the Rechnoy Vokzal (River station), and there is transfer to the bus 8, 1209 or fixed route taxi 1235, on which you need to go to the Cvetnoy Proezd (final bus-stop).

It's a 5 minutes walk from the Cvetnoy Proezd bus-stop to the hotel "Zolotaya Dolina" ("Golden Valley"):


You can also use Official Taxi to Akademgorodok:

  • "April" - 330-33-33
  • "Sprint" - 330-46-46
  • "Pegas" - 330-48-48
  • "Gorodok" - 330-30-40
  • "Nord" - 334-55-55
  • "Mirt" - 330-18-18
  • "Drive" - 332-02-02
  • "Kucher" - 3-356-356
  • "Blues" - 330-50-50
  • "Voyage" - 333-19-19, for mobile phone МТS 719
  • "Grand" - 330-22-22, 330-11-11
  • "Academ-taxi" - 2-919-717, 334-88-88, for mobile phone МТS 717
  • "Siberia" - 330-55-30, 2-125-925

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