15’th GAMM-IMACS International Symposium on
Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic and
Verified Numerical Computations
A birds' eye view of Lavrentiev avenue and Computing Center
with Institute of computational technologies, Novosibirsk

Scope and Topics

The SCAN symposia gather researchers in scientific computing and practitioners who work with numerical verification of computed results and interval methods. Techniques and tools in use include, but are not limited to, interval arithmetic, floating-point computations, symbolic approaches, formal proofs, sensitivity analysis, etc. The scope of the SCAN conferences covers all aspects, from theory to implementation and applications, with a strong emphasis on verification of computed results, as well as on mathematical, programming, and algorithmic tools for this purpose.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   –  theory, algorithms, and arithmetics for verified numerical computations
   –  hardware and software support, programming tools for verification
   –  symbolic and algebraic methods for numerical verification
   –  verification in operations research, optimization, and simulation
   –  verified solution of ordinary differential equations
   –  computer-assisted proofs and verification for partial differential equations
   –  interval analysis and its applications
   –  supercomputing and reliability
   –  industrial and scientific applications of verified numerical computations

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