Gubaydullin I.M.   Koledina K.F.   Zaynullin R.Z.   Koledin S.N.  

Optimization of the catalytic reforming reactor unit based on the mathematical model, taking into account changes in the reaction volume

Reporter: Gubaydullin I.M.

A multi-criteria task was set to optimize the catalytic reforming unit of gasoline. Separate optimization problems are identified - modeling and optimization of chemical-technological catalytic processes for the production of low-octane gasoline mass and the processes of obtaining effective high-octane additives. Developed process optimization criteria. The problem of multipurpose optimization of the conditions of the industrial process of gasoline reforming using the NSGA-II algorithm has been solved. Approximations of the front and Pareto sets are constructed, which allow choosing the compromise conditions of the process with the highest yield of high-octane gasoline with the lowest benzene content.

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