Vasil'ev V.A.  

On Edgeworth equilibrium for a multiregional economic system

In the paper, we extend our investigations of Edgeworth
allocations in non-classic markets being some modifications of the
well-known Arrow-Debreu model. Existence and core equivalence
problems for Edgeworth equilibria in a model of multiregional
economic system are considered. It is shown that regional strict
autarchy property guarantees coincidence of the fuzzy core and the
set of Edgeworth plans of the economies under consideration. By
uniting strict autarchy property and "no cornucopia" assumption we
obtain a new Edgeworth equilibrium existence theorem without
rather complicated bounded transferability requirement applied in
the previous existence results. The proof is based on appropriate
generalization of the famous Scarf Theorem on the core to the case
of fuzzy NTU cooperative game.

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