Novikov A.  

About one approach to the planning in retail with the stochastic parameters

Retail is one of the largest industries for financial investments in Russia. There are various mathematical descriptions for the development of retail projects. Earlier in [1] the researchers considered the resource region development model and a corresponding linear stochastic programming problem, where the budget constraints are assumed to vary in a random manner at specified interval; and the methods of its solving.

In this presentation we propose new models of planning the retail investment projects related to carrying out promo efficiency in the retail chain. These models are also based on linear stochastic programming problems, where the dimension of the problems increases essentially, and the stochastic parameters appear in market behaviour. To solve this problem we put forward the method based on its reduction to the deterministic one. For the numerical check of the algorithms we used the data on transactions of the company OOO Holiday.

Key words: modelling of the investment projects, retail, stochastic linear programming, forecasting.


1.  Novikov A.O. About one approach to the region development program formation, considering the budget volatility // Works of the 12th International Asian School-Seminar “Optimization Problems of Complex Systems”, 12-16 December 2016, 447-451

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