Nikiforova A.V.   Marenkova A.S.   Danilova L.F.   Poletaykin A.N.   Подколозин В.  

Formation of optimal communication service portfolio for corporate clients

Reporter: Danilova L.F.

Communication services have high socio-economic importance and are considered to be a leading factor in the globalization of the world economic space. The market of communication services is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the high-tech market both in Russia and around the world. For corporate clients, the most convenient way to provide communication services is the portfolio of communication services provided to the client to meet his needs, which brings a positive effect for the chosen company: making profits, increasing competitiveness, increasing the customer base, simplifying customer service technology, etc. Due to such a variety of effects and a wide range of communication services, an urgent task is to form an optimal portfolio of communication services according to integral criteria. There are different types of communication services portfolios that can be classified for the following reasons: composition of services, group orientation, formation option, portfolio subject, term of its provision. In forming an optimal portfolio, a number of general principles are usually followed: scientific character, complexity, consistency, objectivity, potency, efficiency. In relation to the portfolio of communication services for corporate clients, a number of specific principles should also be taken into account [1]:
1) selection of the most accurate assortment with regard to corporate specifics;
2) the contractual nature of the provision of a portfolio of communication services;
3) minimization of risks.
The needs of corporate clients are most influenced by such factors as the industry and the size of the enterprise, its development stage, market position, competitiveness, etc. The formation of an optimal portfolio of communication services according to the measure of its maximum quality (complex characteristic) and its minimum cost will allow the company to maximize profits as a result of entering the market with a new offer, therefore increasing competitiveness, attracting new customers and retaining old ones, diversifying the structure of services provided.

1. S.A. Garanina, N.E. Vorontsov. Formation of the service portfolio. Bulletin of Omsk University. Economy series, 2006, pp. 57-58.

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