Zakharov N.Y.  

Mathematical model of optimal management of staff development in the communications industry

Saving in the crisis period goes beyond only consumer spending and involves parallel restrictions in different spheres of society – a permanent reduction in spending in many areas at the same time. Savings affected not only consumption, but also investment in human capital. In the labor market, the negative consequences lead to the expansion of the shadow sector of the economy, the growing workload, the infringement of social and economic rights of workers. In such circumstances, of particular importance is the smooth interaction with the labor market of educational organizations engaged in training and retraining of labor resources (LR).
The problems of managing the development of LR in the industry have not yet been sufficiently reflected in the scientific and educational literature. The main part of the research in the field of human resources management is devoted to the selection of employees, their distribution in the workplace, motivation and incentives. As a rule, in most of the papers devoted to the evaluation of LR, the task of developing a mathematical model of optimal personnel management in the communications industry is not set, which makes research in this direction relevant.
Paper considers the problem of personnel management in the communications industry, as at the moment this area is one of the fundamental for the development of the country and regions, in particular. The optimization mathematical model constructed on the basis of genetic algorithms, generates an optimal composition of activities for management staff. This set of measures is considered as management decisions, the implementation of which increases the efficiency of LR use and reduces the risks typical for personnel policy. These parameters are used as particular criteria for optimal solutions in the implementation of multi-criteria optimization using the apparatus of genetic algorithms.

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