Lyakhov O.A.   Toktoshov G.Y.  

Задачи планирования ремонтных работ в узлах инженерной сети

Reporter: Lyakhov O.A.

The servicing task of  the engineering networks node elements by repair crews  in order to prevent unforeseen emergency and abnormal situations in the process of functioning of various-purpose networks is considered. Since the reliability of operation largely depends on the timely service of network nodes, in this work the task of delivering repair crews and carrying out repair work in networks nodes, in the form of a modified traveling salesman problem, was solved. In contrast to the classic traveling salesman problem, here the possibilities, firstly, the simultaneous use of more than one salesman, secondly, not only the costs of transporting repair crews from the production site to the engineering network nodes and back were taken into account network, but also the cost of repair work in the network nodes were considered. The results of the work by a numerical example and demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, in comparison with the known models of transport routing  are illustrated.

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