Kalimoldayev M.N.   Biyashev R.G.   Rog O.A.  

The role of the model of a typed attribute access control in the performance of information protection tasks

Reporter: Rog O.A.

The general properties that access control models should have to ensure the safe use of shared resources in local and global computing environments were distinguished. These include universality, flexibility and ease of administration.
The main tasks that need to be addressed when defining access control policies and constructing models corresponding to them are listed, namely the task of accurate identification of entities, the task of providing opportunities for the dynamic construction of policies, and the task of using multiple policies within a single system.
A general description of the model of a typed attribute access control (TAAC) is given. It is shown that it meets the stipulated requirements and thus serves as a guarantee of the security of the access control it provides.
Keywords: Attribute Access Control (ABAC), Typed Attribute Access Control (TARD), Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandate Access Control (MAC), Role Access Control (RBAC), Access Control Policy, Specification Language, Modeling.

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