Scientific program

Conference sections:

1. Methods of computational algebra and solving mathematical physics equations
2. Numerical statistical modeling and Monte Carlo methods
3. Mathematical geophysics
4. Mathematical models of atmospheric physics, ocean and environment
5. Supercomputer computations and programming
6. Inverse problems
7. Informational and computational systems
8. Computer biology, biotechnology, agrobiotechnology and medicine
9. Methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning


Mini-symposium  “Multiscale and high-performance computing for multiphysical problems” is planned to be held within the framework of the MSR-2021.

Chairman: Efendiev Yalchin, PhD, professor, Texas A&M University at College Station (USA)




Applications for mini-symposia are accepted by e-mail of the Organizing committee Deadline: March 1, 2021. Please use the e-mail subject: MSR2021:mini-symposium application. The application must contain the name of the mini-symposia, contact details of the convener, a brief description, and a list of at least 3 (the more, the better) possible participants, except for the convener. A mini-symposium will be included in the conference program if the registration of participants who paid the registration fee confirms its sufficient content.