Dontsov A.   Суторихин И.А.   Коломейцев А.А.  

Satellite data in the tasks of determining the parameters of inland water bodies

Reporter: Dontsov A.

The results of the determination of sand sediment dynamics (side-wobble and streaks) in the riverbed of the River Voe are presented in accordance with the data of Sentinel-2, Landsat-8 spacecraft and ground-based measurements. The area characteristics of the sediments are determined, an estimate is given of the accuracy of determining the sand sediment area from satellite data. The results of comparison of the chlorophyll a concentration measurements of the chlorophyll concentration in the surface layer of the Novosibirsk reservoir and Krasilovskoe lake with the value of the NDCI spectral index calculated from the Sentinel-2 satellite data are shown. The correlation coefficient R was calculated, between the values ​​of the NDCI index and ground-based measurements, which was 0.93. It is shown that satellite data can serve as a reliable and up-to-date source of information on the state of inland water bodies and watercourses.

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