Dobroliubova D.   Shtanko E.   Шурина Э.П.  

Simulation of the harmonic electromagnetic fields in heterogeneous media using vector FEM on polyhedral meshes

Reporter: Dobroliubova D.

We focus on the electromagnetic fields in a wide frequency range (kHz to GHz) in heterogeneous materials with complex internal structure and non-regularly arranged arbitrarily shaped inclusions, typical of the native media, such as rock samples or biological tissue. Native materials are characterized by multiple scales, internal interfaces and highly contrast electrophysical properties of the constituent phases.
Computational schemes based on the modern nonconforming vector finite element method modifications, namely, the virtual vector finite element method on arbitrary shaped polyhedra, are considered.
The work is supported by the complex program of fundamental research of SB RAS “Integrated Interdisciplinary Research”, 2018-2020, on the subject of “Experimental research and mathematical modelling of the native and manufactured engineering objects with phase changing materials”, and the Program of the Presidium RAS No. 27

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