Social Program

Wednesday, November 4.30 pm
Working City tour of Ghent
Meeting point – Outside the Conference Center Het Pand


All registered MACKIE and CHEMREACTOR-23 participants are invited to the guided 2-hours tour around Ghent.

During the excursion you will discover the history and the hidden secrets of one of the most beautiful towns in Belgium – Ghent. You’ll be mesmerized by the outstanding beauty of its quays, churches and squares. Every house has its own history and every facade is hiding some legends behind.

You’ll learn not only the history of the city, but also the urban myths, the jokes the citizens have about their town, the life of the university students and how this young party-people are giving life to the city.

The tour is about 2 hours and it covers the main highlights of the old town, and aims to give an opportunity to enjoy the evening views of Ghent. After the excursion those who wish can remain in the historical center of Ghent and try the fine dishes of Belgian cuisine, as well as find out where the locals like to spend their evening hours well.


Thursday, November 8, 6 pm
MACKIE Welcome Reception