Second Annoucement


V.M. Fomin, Russia, Chairman

A.N. Shiplyuk, Russia, Vice-Chairman
A.A. Maslov, Russia, Vice-Chairman
V.A. Lebiga, Russia, Vice-Chairman
S.L.Chernyshev, Russia, Vice-Chairman
S.T. Surzhikov, Russia, Vice-Chairman
M.P.Fedoruk, Russia, Vice-Chairman

A.D. Kosinov, Russia,  Secretary
S.V. Alekseenko,  Russia
B.S. Alyoshin,  Russia
V.E. Barsuk,  Russia
K.N. Chiang,  Taiwan
J. Crouch,  USA
I.V. Egorov,  Russia
Z. Fan,  China
U. Gaisbauer,  Germany
D.A. Gubaidulin,  Russia
H. Hornung,  USA
A.A. Inozemtsev,  Russia
S.A. Isaev,  Russia
V.K. Kedrinskii,  Russia
S.V. Klinkov,  Russia
D. Knight, USA
V.V. Kozlov,  Russia
V.F. Kopiev,  Russia
E. Kraemer,  Germany
A.N. Kraiko,  Russia
E. Krause, Germany
J.-C. Lengrand, France
V.A. Levin,  Russia
A.M. Lipanov,  Russia
I.I. Lipatov,  Russia
J. Le,  China
D.M. Markovich,  Russia
V.P. Matveenko,  Russia
J.J. Miau,  Taiwan
J. Muylaert,  Netherlands
A.M. Orishich,  Russia
O.G. Penyaz’kov,  Belorussia
S.D. Salenko,  Russia
W. Sсhroeder, Germany
A.N. Seryeznov,  Russia
K. Takayama,  Japan
J.-P. Taran,  France
Z. Tang,  China


Local Organizing Committee

ITAM SB RAS, Novosibirsk

E.I. Kraus – Co-Chairman
A.A.Sidorenko – Co-Chairman
A.D.Kosinov – Vice-Chairman
Yu.V. Kratova Vice-Chairman
A.E. Buzurkin – Secretary

E.K. Derunov
I.V. Kazanin
G.L. Kolosov
A.I. Maksimov
E.E. Malyshenko
A.Yu. Pak
A.M. Pavlenko
O.A. Prozorenko
G.V. Shoev
E.V. Shiplyuk
A.M. Sorokin
M.A. Yadrenkin
Yu.V. Yurchak
S.P. Zakovryashin
V.N. Zinoviev

Executive Committee

ITAM SB RAS, Novosibirsk

A.D.Kosinov –Chairman
G.V.Klimchik – Secretary

A.B. Baturin
V.A. Domshinskii
T.A. Kiseleva
E.V. Medvedeva
A.V. Panina
T.V. Poplavskaya
N.V. Semionov
A.S. Shmakov
T.V. Vetrovskaya


Conference fee

The conference fee is 450 USD for participants and 350 USD for postgraduate students. The fee will cover expenses for publication of conference proceedings, coffee breaks, technical support, and transport service. Payment is required to be made in USD by bank transfer.
Please find below the information necessary for payment transfer:


Intermediary Bank     The Bank of New York Mellon, New York
                                NY, 10286 USA, SWIFT: IRVTUS3N
                                Account No 890-0514-841
Beneficiary Bank       SWIFT: BINORUMM B&N BANK, Moscow

Beneficiary                Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Account №                40503840661121000007

Please indicate your name in wire transfer receipt: "Registration fee for ICMAR 2018 for <Name>"
Please, mention clearly your name on the payment order. The early registration fee payment should be made before July 15, 2018. Please inform the Organizing Committee for the transfer of the registration fee. It will be possible to pay registration fee at registration during conference.

If you have some questions or problems about this, please inform us by e-mail to: in advance.

The conference events will be held at Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk.

ICMAR 2018 organizers will have pre-reservations for conference participants in the hotels.
Do not hesitate to ask about documents, official invitations, and hotel accommodation to ICMAR 2018 organizers by e-mail : kosinov@itam, .

Conference papers will be published by AIP Publishing up to the end of 2018. Participants of ICMAR 2018 should submit archive with FULL PAPER in PDF and DOCX format and signed TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT in PDF format only before June 20, 2018 on the conference website . Please use your individual password that you got during registration. The names of the archive and files should begin with the surname of the first author from the list of co-authors and include the identification number of the report (for example: 002Kornilov).
You can re-upload the paper up to July 4, 2018.

The full paper should be prepared according to the AIP Conference Proceedings requirements. Templates (for Word and TeX) you can find on the conference website. The submitted paper should not be less than 4 pages and not exceed 6 Megabytes.

June 20, 2018 - upload of full paper

ICMAR 2018 scientific secretary
Dr. A.D. Kosinov