The lectures will be presented by

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Boenisch, head of the Project User Accounting and Management Department at HLRS. His research interests include parallel algorithms for CFD problems, benchmarking for high performance computing systems and high performance I/O. Thomas Boenisch was among the developers of a parallel algorithm for non-equilibrium re-entry flows in 3D that what used to model the prospective X-38 re-entry vehicle that was ported to several different high performance computing systems including NEX SX and Cray T3 families.

Christoph Niethammer, research scientist and a lecturer at HLRS, University of Stuttgart. His research interests include parallel programming models, performance analysis and optimization of scientific applications for high performance computing, fault-tolerance in multiprocessor systems, and molecular dynamics software. Christoph Niethammer is involved in leading European projects like the European Performance Optimisation and Productivity Centre of Excellence, or the past Towards EXaflop applicaTions (TEXT) project. Beside this he is contributing in the development of several molecular dynamics codes for supercopmuters including ls1 mardyn that achieved a new world record for MD simulations in 2013.