Scientific program

Scientific agenda includes the topics of interdisciplinary problems devoted to the development of the methods of study of interaction between high-concentrated energy fluxes and materials and application of up-to-date electro-physical equipment in promising technologies and also in biology and medicine. Among technologies processes under consideration, there are laser, plasma, plasma-chemical and other high-temperature technologies, nano-technologies and equipment for them. A special section will be organized for the presentations about the models of human blood-circulatory and pulmonary systems, optical techniques in medicine, and high-tech achievements in laser surgery.

The scientific agenda of the conference includes the following topics:

  •     «Low-temperature plasma for technological processes and material treatment»
  •     «Physics of high-power lasers and interaction between radiation and substances»
  •     «Promising applications of high-intensity sources for material treatment»
  •     «Utilization of nano-powders for the control of the processes of cross-linking in metals and alloys»
  •     «Methods of mathematical simulation of high-concentrated energy fluxes action on metals»
  •     «High-intensity energy sources in biology and medicine»