Abstract submission

Abstracts will be published as a book. The abstracts should be prepared in English or Russian, in LaTeX 2ε format, the volume is 1 page according to the abstracts template and they will be accepted only through the Conference website after Registration in Personal Cabinet before April, 8, 2015 [extended, closed]. Please, do not forget to indicate the scientific direction of the conference. For a description of each scientific direction, go here.

To prepare your abstracts use the following templates: Abstract-template.rar in English and Abstract-template_Rus.rar in Russian. Please, upload in Personal Cabinet to the field "Abstracts file" the zip archive with TeX and Pdf files.

Your abstract will be reviewed by the organizers. We anticipate that notification of your abstract acceptance or rejection will be made 20 days after the close of abstract submission as published on the congress website.

If you have questions concerning participation, please, do not hesitate to ask by e-mail: lazat-dairbayeva@mail.ru.