We will prepare an official invitation for your visa application, the invitation can be issued by special state authorities only.
The preparation takes about 1-1.5 months.
With this invitation you should apply for a visa to the nearest Russian Embassy/Consulate.

Please,  send us an e-mail (indicating the subject as shown below) 
subject: Visa: your_surname, your_country
with the following personal data needed for the official invitation letter:

1. Country and city where you plan to apply for the Russian visa
2. Last name
3. First and middle names
4. Date of birth
5. Place of birth 
6. Passport data (number, issuing authority, date of issuing, expiration date)
7. Citizenship
8. Home address
9. Work address
10. Scientific degree
11. Scientific specialty
12. Affiliation (name of your institution or company)
13. Current position
14. Languages you speak
15. Previous visits to Russia  (years)
16. Proposed date of your arrival to Russia
17. Proposed date of your departure from Russia
18. Planned itinerary in Russia (route and dates)
19. Your contact TEL, FAX and EMAIL

Please, enclose the scanned copies of passport pages containing photo, personal data and signature.

Please, make sure that your passport is valid for at least six month period after your departure from Russia.