Scientific program

The main topics of the Symposium scientific program are:

  • Perspective catalysts and technologies for hydroprocessing of hydrocarbon fuels
  • Promising hydrocracking catalysts and technologies
  • Catalysts and hydroprocesses of the alternative and renewable raw materials processing
  • Catalysts and technologies of fuel and oil fractions hydrotreatment
  • Heavy oils hydroprocessing
  • Catalysts and hydroprocesses of the light hydrocarbon feedstock processing
  • The link between the fundamental solid state investigations of the catalyst and its behavior in the process
  • Industrial experience of production and use of catalytic cracking, reforming, hydrofining and hydrocracking catalysts
  • Modelling of oil refining catalytic processes
  • Economic aspects of the catalysts use in oil refining

The Program will include plenary (45 min), oral (15 min) and poster presentations.

The symposium language is English.

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