For sponsors

Presentation of Companies
The Organizing Committee invites interested companies and their regional representatives to exhibit scientific hardware for control of chemical and phase composition of materials, analytical devices, facilities for spectral analysis and catalyst testing, as well as high-end equipment for the studies of catalytic reaction mechanisms at the atomic and molecular scale in situ.

The exhibition of brochures and promotional materials will be organized (the exhibition of equipment is not provided).
The 1st part of exhibition will be held on June 25 in a hall located near the seminar hall at the Burduguz hotel (tables, chairs and power supply for laptops will be provided to Companies).
The 2nd part of exhibition will be continued on June 26 in the Baikal Museum ISC SB RAS.

– Oral presentation – 15 min;
– Participation in the exhibition;
– The publication of advertisement (A4 color) in the book of abstracts on CD;
– Distribution of promotional materials.
*Registration fee for the representative of the company is not included.