Cultural program

The participants will be invited to the Welcome Reception on June 24.
The Banquet will be held on June 26 at the Krestovaya Pad restaurant in Listvyanka (50 Euro).

Excursions to the Baikal Museum

The Museum has 7 big aquariums showing the real underwater world of Lake Baikal.
The visitors will see omuls, graylings, breams, sturgeons, cat fishes, pikes and two seals.
There is an opportunity to look at the underwater life using the interactive “bathyscaphe”.
The arboretum has a unique collection of rare plants.

The Tal’tsy Museum of Architecture and Ethnography – a unique place with rarities of the history
and culture of the East Siberia people.

Additional excursion
A show of trained Baikal seals (Nerpa) at the Nerpinarium in Listvyanka.

Post-tour “Cape Kadilnyi”, June 27

Baikal is one of the most famous lakes in the world!  Despite its ancient age, which is 25 million years, Baikal is the most precious Siberian pearl shining in the frame of beautiful mountain ranges Khamar-Daban, Primorskii, Baikalskii and Bargusinskii.
In 1997 UNESCO declared the lake as a part of World Wide Heritage due to its unique features.

9.00 – Start of the tour. Motor ship over Lake Baikal from Listvyanka to Cape Kadilnyi.
The fisherman dinner-picnic. 18.00 – Return to Listvyanka.
One day tour cost of 100 Euro (4 000 Rub) should be paid at the registration desk.

Flights from Germany to Irkutsk

The participants from Germany can reach Irkutsk via Moscow (or Novosibirsk).
Departure from Moscow to Irkutsk on Sunday evening, flights
(local time): 
           1. Aeroflot Russian Airlines, flight SU 1440 
           departure from Moscow: June 23 at 18.20
           arrival to Irkutsk: June 24 at 05.00

            2. Ural Airlines,flight U6-105
           departure from Moscow: June 23 at 19:30
           arrival to Irkutsk: June 24 at 05:55

           3. Utair Aviation, flight UT-465
           departure from Moscow: June 23 at 19:50
           arrival to Irkutsk: June 24 at 06:15

Departure from Novosibirsk to Irkutsk on Sunday evening, June 23,  flight  by plane
or by train (2 nights and 1 day en route, arrival to Irkutsk early in the morning, June 24)

Return from Irkutsk to Moscow on Friday morning, flights (local time):
        1. Aeroflot Russian Airlines, flight  SU 1443
           departure from Irkutsk: 10.45
           arrival to Moscow: 11.45
         2. Aeroflot Russian Airlines, flight  SU 1441
           departure from Irkutsk: 06.30
           arrival to Moscow: 07.35

Return from Irkutsk to Novosibirsk on Friday morning, June 28, flight  by plane or by train in the morning