Шайдуллин И.И.   Катохин А.В.   Efimov V.M.  

Многомерный анализ микрочиповых данных для выявления потенциальных маркеров болезни Хантингтона

Reporter: Efimov V.M.

Used a new method of multivariate analysis of microarray data. Revealed two independent factors, the combination of which leads to Huntington's disease. The first factor separated the sick and healthy, and he presumably associated with the accumulation of CAG repeats. The second factor giving the difference between the two groups (patients + health, + subnormal susceptible), apparently, are the changes in the human immune system. For both factors are identified and annotated candidate gene

Full text file: Многомерный анализ микрочиповых данных.pdf

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