Information letter

Dear colleagues,

ЛяпуновOn October 8, 2011 we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Professor Alexei A. Lyapunov, the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of sciences, the forefather of Russian cybernetics and the founder of the Siberian school of cybernetics and theoretical programming.

A.A. Lyapunov was among the three Soviet citizens awarded the golden medal "Computer Pioneer" of the Computer Society . The legend on the opposite side of the medal reads: "The Computer Society recognizes Alexei A. Lyapunov as the founder of the Soviet cybernetics and programming".

A.A. Lyapunov's scope of sientific interests included a number of problems of modern mathematics and computer science such as:

– theory of sets,
– convex analysis,
– general problems of cybernetics,
– theoretical programming,
– mathematical linguistics and automatic translation,
– cybernetic problems of biology (informational simulation in biology),
– philosophy and methodology of science,
– innovative methods of teaching and educational problems
– ...

In order to commemorate the outstanding Russian scientist the the organizers holds a conferenence devoted to A. A. Lyapunov' s 100th anniversary.

The conference will be held on October 11-14, 2011.

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