The ICOSCAR7 will be held in the Education & Conference Center ("Mansion of Duke Kochubey") in a beautiful suburb of St. Petersburg Tsars Village (now named as town Pushkin).

  Tsars Village is located approximately twenty-five kilometers from St. Petersburg and is situated on land granted by Peter the Great to his wife Catherine I. It is a famous historical place, a summer residence of several Russian Emperors and Empresses including Elithabet, Catherine II (the Great), Alexander I and Nicolaus II. The Education & Conference Center is located in the so-called Mansion of Duke V. P. Kochubey, who was the Chief Master of Ceremonies of the last Russian Imperial Court.

The Center is within 50-meters distance from the Catherine Park, one of the famous parks around St. Petersburg. The Catherine Palace is the centerpiece of the extensive park complex, surrounded by ponds, canals and shaded paths. The organizers hope that this historical and romantic spirit will stimulate informal scientific discussions and friendly communication.

It takes 30 minutes to reach Tsars Village from St. Petersburg International airport Pulkovo by buses. It is also possible to reach it by a suburban train or shuttle buses from St. Petersburg railway stations.
Tsars Village is located 15 kilometers or 9 miles in a straight line and 27 kilometers or 17 miles by road south of St. Petersburg.  A bus or electric train will deliver you to the central lines of St. Petersburg metro/underground stations.