You are cordially invited to the 5th International Conference Catalysis for Renewable Sources: Fuel, Energy, Chemicals 
to be held on September 2-6, 2019, in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece.

Following our previous successful meetings on this topic, CRS-5 wants to attract once again experienced researchers in the field of catalytic processing of biomass resources, so as to continue encouraging the cohesion of this large community.

A variety of approaches to this subject is constantly evolving. The advances made toward renewable transportation fuels through catalytic technologies are being continually developed in biology areas as well, therefore, the efficient use of secondary, tertiary and quaternary biological resources may be required. The development of biofuels that utilize lignocellulosic biomass and algae could allow for the large scale production of sustainable fuels and valuable chemicals. Many others, classical and novel processes of catalytic processing of biomass are subject to discussion. Probably, the best strategy is a combination of competing technologies.

During the conference and post-conference period the organizers traditionally offer the participants to visit the objects producting the biological materials, the products of fine and organic synthesis from renewable raw materials, as well as enterprises for processing waste into energy (Waste-to-Energy - WTE).

All our colleagues interested in discussing these breakthrough issues are cordially invited to participate in the forthcoming event.


Welcome to Greece!
We are looking forward to meeting you at CRS-5!

Organizing Team 


CRS-5 conference proceedings will be published in the
Special Issue of the Catalysis Today Journal (Elsevier) after the event

For those wishing to remain the possibility of publication in the Journal
«Catalysis for Sustainable Energy» (de Gruyter Open access)

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