The participants will be accommodated in the hotel of the Conference Center. The prices for accommodation per night (current exchange rates: 1 Euro = 39.6 Rubles; 1 USD = 29.2Rubles):

Single room (including breakfast): 2500 Rubles/63 Euro/86 USD

Double room (including 2 breakfasts): 3000 Rubles/76 Euro/103 USD (per person: 1500 Rubles/38 Euro/52 USD)

Some Luxe rooms, Suites and apartments are also available.

A new building for accommodation situated nearby was put into service a month ago. The majority of the rooms have a view of the Catherine Park. The prices are:

Single room (including breakfast): 3000 rubles/76 Euro/103 USD

Single room for double use (including two breakfasts): 3500 rubles/89Euro/120 USD

Single room with king-size bed (including breakfast): 4000 rubles/1000 Euro/137 USD

Single room with king-size bed for double use (including two breakfasts): 4500 rubles/114 Euro/155 USD

Attention! The structure of the accommodation is quite complicated, that’s why we will send you the lists of the accommodation in the rooms according to your applications, and you will be able to express your opinion individually.

The accommodation should be paid by in cash upon your arrival to the hotel.