Previous conferences

Started as a small domestic event in 1960-s, the CHEMREACTOR has turned into a significant international conference, bringing together hundreds of researchers and engineers from many countries all over the world. At first these were small workshops, then national conferences. In the 90s of the last century, the CHEMREACTOR became an international conference.


Past Chemreactor Conferences:

CR-13  Novosibirsk, Russia, 1996
CR-14  Tomsk, Russia, 1998
CR-15  Helsinki, Finland, 2001
CR-16  Kazan, Russia; Berlin, Germany, 2003
CR-17  Athens, Greece; Post-symposium - Crete, Greece, 2006
CR-18  Malta, 2008
CR-19  Vienna, Austria, 2010
CR-20  Luxembourg, 2012
CR-21  Delft, the Netherlands, 2014
CR-22  London, United Kingdom, 2016
CR-23  Ghent, Belgium, 2018