Cultural program

Being in Italy, it is impossible not to remember that this country is a source of inspiration, here great masters of art drew bright and brilliant ideas and gave the world their immortal masterpieces. Any city in this country looks like an amazing museum. When holding a conference in one of the most a beautiful part of Italy, there is a desire to show potential participants places that they will be able to see except fascinating Milan.

Let's really hope that someday we will visit and see all this! And if we're lucky, we'll change the online format to face-to-face right before our event starts, and we'll meet here!

About halfway between Milan and Venice, Verona is one of Italy's most popular cities, who attracts by its art, history, architecture, opera, and literary fame. It lies in the sweeping S-curve of the River Adige as it emerges from the Alps.
It is unknown if Shakespeare ever visited Verona or Italy at all, but his plays have lured many visitors to Verona and surrounding cities many times over. The city has been awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture.
Lake Garda, also known as Benaco, is the largest lake in Italy, with its 370 km² surface and is situated among the three Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige. Lake Garda, with its 25 picturesque villages is rich with historical monuments, castles and fortresses.

The Province of Imperia is a mountainous and hilly province, in the Liguria region of Italy, situated between France to the north and the Ligurian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Its capital is the city of Imperia.
With its close proximity to France, the province of Imperia is often viewed as just a continuation of the French Riviera (glitzy Côte d'Azur) and this stretch of coast is often referred to as the Italian Riviera.
San Remo - town of the Liguria region.  It is the chief resort of that part of the Italian Riviera known as the Riviera dei Fiori, east of Nice, France. San Remo is Italy's own Monte Carlo, a sun-dappled Mediterranean resort with a casino, a clutch of ostentatious villas and lashings of Riviera-style grandeur. It is known colloquially as the City of Flowers for its colorful summer blooms. Being close to the Cote d'Azur, it allows you to travel to Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo.