Presentation Guide


Short Guide for ZOOM platform.
For the conference holding, it is planned to use the ZOOM platform - a service for video conferencing and online meetings. You do not require any additional equipment, except for a computer with a microphone and the Internet. To participate in the conference, you can either register in the system at, or enter through a browser using the link we provide. In both cases, the entrance will be through the waiting room, therefore please indicate your real first and last name so that the administrator and audience can easily identify you as a conference participant.
During the scientific sessions, we kindly ask you not to turn on the sound on your PC. If you wish to ask a question or participate in a discussion, you need to click on the "Raise hand" function. The Chair will see your raised hand in the list of participants and will give you the right to ask a question. After that, you must click "Lower your hand".

Communication: After you have entered the program interface, you can open the list of participants and chat. Thus, you can see all the conference participants who are present at the moment, as well as follow the messages in the chat. Some messages can be addressed to a specific participant, for example, from a chair or a technical attendant, some messages – to everyone. If you yourself want to send a message to someone (or to everyone), you need to select a recipient.


Presenting of plenary, keynote lectures, oral presentations, poster flash presentations

We recommend preparing presentations in the pptx format. To demonstrate a presentation, you must first open it on your PC, and then click the "Screen Sharing" button, which is located at the bottom center of the Zoom program window. After that, all connected participants can see your presentation. The possibility of a short rehearsal of the presentations is scheduled for September 12th.


Presenting of posters

PDF files of poster presentations will be placed in a special heading of the conference website. It is recommended to prepare the presentation in a form of pdf file with arbitrary page formatting. Flies should be sent by 25 August 2021 to (or at least no later than a week before the conference). The audience and poster authors will have the opportunity to exchange questions and answers in the chat during the conference. For larger convenience, a separate Google group will be created to discuss the posters at the forum.

The only page formatting requirement is placement of the conference logo and conference reference at each page of the presentation. Here is the ppt file with logo and reference, you may feel free to change their sizes, fonts and placement according to your wish, we only ask to keep them visible and easily readable at each page. There are no special requirements on number of pages in the poster presentation and file size, though we recommend to keep it within the reasonable limits, providing maximum readability and comfort for conference participants. Presentations may include videos of reasonable size. All posters must be submitted before the start of the conference, but to avoid unexpected complications we recommend to start the preparation and submission at your earliest convenience. It will give you and us the possibility to resolve any problems if something will go wrong.

We remind of the opportunity to give 5-min flash presentation with the slides demonstration, reflecting the key points of the work. If you wish to give a flash presentation, please do not forget to let us know before July 1st. The conference program includes time for flash presentation and general discussion of poster presentations.


Please be advised that one oral and two poster presentations are only allowed for one registered/paid participant. But at the same time, the participant can be a co-author of abstracts submitted by other registered authors.