CR-24 Scientific Program



CR-24  Scientific Program

CR-24 Time-Table

Following the preparation schedule, we bring to your attention the final scientific program of the ChemReactor-24 conferenceYou have a week to check your contributions, clarify the time of their presenattion, and contact us in case of any discrepancies.


The schedule is given in subject to the 
Universal Coordinated Time zone - UTC.

The reference point is the Greenwich meridian - UTC 0. In accordance with this, the time of the presentations is indicated. To find out the presentation time in each time zone, everyone should figure out how much
the local time differs from UTC 0



Universal Coordinated Time (or UTC) is an international standard for regulating time around the world. This standard was introduced to replace the previous Greenwich Mean Time - GMT. Greenwich time is the mean solar time of the meridian that passes through the former location of the Royal Greenwich Observatory near London. Now it refers to time on the zero or Greenwich meridian (UTC 0), which is not adjusted to reflect changes either to or from Daylight Saving Time.