XXI International Conference on Chemical Reactors
September 22-25, 2014, Delft, The Netherlands

Scientific program

The main topics of CHEMREACTOR-21 scientific program are:

Advances in Chemical Reactors Fundamentals

Chemical Reactions Kinetics
Energy & Mass Transfer in Chemical Reactors
Fundamentals of Hydrodynamics and Fluid Flow in Chemical Reactors
Specialized Software for Development of Chemical Reactors and Flow-Sheeting of Reactive Processes

Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactors Design– Novel Approaches, Modeling, Scale-Up, Optimization

Mathematical Simulation and CFD Studies of Chemical Reactors
New Designs of Chemical Reactors (e.g. Structured Reactors, Membrane Reactors, Microreactors)
Novel Approaches in Chemical Reaction Processes Engineering (e.g. Microwave/Induction Heated Reactors, Ultrasonic Reactors, Unsteady-State Forcing and Sorption Enhancement in Chemical Reactors, Multifunctional Reactors)

Chemical Reactors and Technologies for Emerging Applications

Environmental Protection and Utilization of Wastes
Processing of Biomass and Renewable Feedstocks 
Production of Novel Nano-Structured Carbon Materials

Advanced Processing of Fossil Hydrocarbon Feedstocks

Modern Reactive Technologies for Natural Gas, Oil and Coal Processing
Chemical Processes for intensification of Oil Production
Natural Chemical Reactors for In-Situ Processing of Oil and Coal in Deposits
Chemical Reactors and Processes for Treatment of Heavy Hydrocarbon Feedstock and Shale Oil